A lot of people see having a plumber come out once a year for routine sewer and drain line cleaning as being unnecessary. The reality is though, that your drain line is not meant to block up at all. If you have a blockage in your drain line, this generally means a couple of different things may be going on that need to be addressed.

Tree roots are one of the most common causes for sewer and drain line blockages. When tree roots get into your sewer or drain line, this means there is a break in the line. We use video camera inspections for locating and pin-pointing sewer and drain line breaks. Once a tree root enters into the sewer line, it is only a matter of time before the tree roots grow large enough to completely block the line. The best way to clear a line blockage is to clear it mechanically, and then replace the broken section of pipe. The second option after mechanically clearing the sewer or drain line, is to treat it with a root killer. The best type of root killer is a foaming root killer, because 90% of tree roots enter from the top of drain lines.

RootX The Root Intrusion Solution

The second type of blockage is what we call a soft blockage. This is where the solids are left behind and stack up in the drain line enough to cause a blockage. This generally occurs when the drain line is either sloped too much that the water runs way faster and leaves the solids behind. The second soft stoppage occurs when there is a “dip” or a “belly” in the drain line causing the solids to stack up. We can eliminate these type of situations and show you the problem in your drain system.

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