A and J Plumbing specializes in leak detection whether it is a gas leak, potable water leak and or sewer leak. We do all of our own leak detection in house. We utilize top of the line state of the art equipment and  testing and locating procedures that have been developed through years of training and execution.

Gas leak Detection

A and J Plumbing locates leaks under ground, in walls or in confined spaces. Most leaks are located on the spot without ever leaving your home. We arrive with a fully stocked truck (we call it our warehouse on wheels) with all the equipment on board. Thus saving you time and money.  So call today and receive your appointment time that is convenient for you.

Water leak detection

A and J Plumbing locates leaks under the foundation “Slab Leaks” without causing damage to your home and offer several different solutions for the leak detection and repair, all while never leaving your home. We use state of the art leak detection equipment in our full stocked “Warehouse on Wheels”. So call today!

Sewer leak detection

A and J Plumbing has state of the art video camera’s on each service vehicle. So if you have a sewer drain line that has been giving you trouble. We can clear the blockage and locate the problem area and show you the problem on a monitor right then. We can pin point the trouble spot and offer a solution on the immediately. This will save you time and money. So please call today for your next appointment!